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Stories of many of Africa's formation communities

Updated: Jun 22, 2020

The Amen Foundation works with several religious communities of women and men in different parts of Africa.

Young sisters at a formation community.
Young sisters at a formation community.

These are very young communities often founded by returning local missionaries who inspire area youth into a life of service and mission. Different Popes in recent years have said many times that just as missionaries from abroad joined in the evangelization of Africa, the time had come for Africans to lead in the evangelization of the rest of the world.Today, religious formation houses in countries like Nigeria and Sierra Leone are filled with young energetic people preparing for world missions.

The stories of many of Africa's formation communities are the main tools that our Foundation uses to give testimonies as we travel and visit American parishes. These are stories of hope and mercy, and a declaration of Africa's promise to continue celebrating the Gospel of Jesus Christ in good times and in bad. Life can be very rough in some of the communities. Sometimes, they deal with hunger and illness; and they often lack some of the most basic supplies. The Amen Foundation is listening to them. We become their voices and their presence through our outreach.

The following photos tell the story of a local religious community of women in Anambra State, Nigeria, as the your sisters grow in their community's profession of faith, dedicate time to work and service, and commit to their mission of educating children for now and tomorrow.

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