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The Amen Foundation is a Catholic, non-profit, tax-exempt organization founded in 1990. Its mission is to promote and support religious vocations and ministries. The Foundation fulfills its mission by supporting financially the education and formation of men and women in various ministries. This includes the training and ongoing ministerial support of priests, nuns, and lay missionaries who serve the spiritual, social, and economic needs of the people.

Much of the Foundation’s efforts have been in Africa. Religion is a life-giving force for the people of Africa. While a great number of women and men feel called to serve, the resources to help educate them for effective ministries are severely lacking. The Amen Foundation, for over 24 years, works to meet this challenge.

Over 250 priests have been ordained with Amen Foundation support. Over 400 nuns have received direct or indirect support from the Amen Foundation. Many more lay people have also received assistance. In Africa alone, Amen supported ministers work in over 20 countries, serving many thousands of people in rural and urban areas.

The Foundation has a special ministry of hospitality and outreach to foreign missionaries both in the United States and in Africa. In Washington, DC, the Foundation extends support to foreign missionaries and others, mostly Africans, who arrive in the country as visitors or immigrants. They come for continuing formation and education, sabbatical, health care, counseling, or even as refugees. The Foundation operates a similar program in Nigeria (for the sub-Saharan African region) where many dozens of foreign religious candidates arrive each year for extended formation and missionary training. This program seeks to provide temporary housing, food, clothing, travels, fellowship, health care, skills training, tuition support, social justice awareness, inculturation experience, study aides, and counseling.


Everyone receiving Amen Foundation support pledges to serve the spiritual needs of the people AND also pledges to serve as "change agents" to help improve the lives of the people they serve in every way possible. Most of them now serve in Africa. Others serve in Asia, Europe, and the Americas...

Making a Difference in Faith and Education

Education is the key to breaking out of the cycle of poverty. Priests, nuns, and lay ministers who have benefited from Amen Foundation programs are making a difference by reaching, preaching and teaching Christ to the people in a variety of ways. Some are pastoral ministers meeting the spiritual and sacramental needs of their communities. Some are chaplains in schools and hospitals. Some are counselors. Many are educators teaching at all levels of the school system in their respective regions.

Making a Difference in Health

Making a Difference in HealthHealth care in Africa, for example, is virtually 50 years behind health care in the North America. Thousands of villages throughout Africa lack even minimal health care. HIV/AIDS, especially among children, is epidemic. A number of health clinics and immunization programs now exist thanks to people who received financial support during their formation from the Amen Foundation.

Making a Difference in Living

In much of the developing world, water is still hauled from the rivers as it has been for thousands of years. Yet the cost of drilling a well in a village is modest in terms of U.S. dollars. One priest was able to raise contributions enough to bring a well to the people in his village. Now no one has to carry water five miles from the river to the house. It is working!

Amen Foundation beneficiaries are also ACTIVE in growing PEACE !!!




  • Dr. Rebecca Esliker, President

  • Reverend Paul M. Sandi, Esq., Mission Director

  • Reverend Aloysius Abaneke, Treasurer

  • Fatmata Egbulem, Officer, Assist. Treasurer

  • Sister Monica Oboagwina, Consultor

  • Rev/Mr Anthony Ibenacho, Officer

  • Engr. Ezenwa Pius Okolie, Director

  • Dr. Chris N. Egbulem, Chair


  • Mr. Patrick Langley

  • Mrs. Obiageli Ifudu

  • Mr. Sylvester O'Chieng

  • Mrs. Mary Gilbert

  • Sister Chinero T. Iwundu

  • Henry N. Egbulem


  • Rev. Emmanuel Ndekweme (Nigeria)

  • Sister Josephine Kamara (Sierra Leone)

  • Ngozi Jovita Aguleke (Nigeria)​


  • Becca Ferris, Consultor

  • Rev. John Chikadi Anyanele, CMM, Mission Preacher

  • Rev. Anthony Smart Nabie, Programs Associate

  • Dr. Louisa N. Obiesie, Executive Director

  • Rev. Samuel Von Tucker, CSSp, Mission Director

  • Mrs. Marylah Martin, Officer

  • Rev/Dr. Kevin Ori, Mission Director

  • Chris Massey, President

  • Sister Monica Oboagwina, OP, Officer

  • Sister Anthonia Adebowale, EHJ, Officer

  • Sister/Dr Juliana Ada, Mission Director & Vice President

  • Rev. Maxwell Okolie, JD, Director (RIP)

  • Rev. Remigius Demby, Administrator

  • Mr. Joe Maas, President


  • Reverend Joseph Bangura

  • Reverend Paul Ugwu

  • Reverend Paul M. Sandi, Esq.

  • Rev. John Chikadi Anyanele, CMM

  • Rev. Samuel Von Tucker, CSSp

  • Rev. Anthony Smart Nabie

  • Rev. Martin Chea Dunhamn

  • Rev. Boniface B. Florkiah

  • Rev. Fidelis O. L. Ajamugha

  • Rev. Dr. Callistus Ogoko, OP

  • Rev. Francis Onwuchulum

  • Rev. Maximus Ihekoronye

  • Rev/Dr. Gregory Umunna

  • Rev/Mr Anthony Ibenacho

  • Rev. Francis Arthur

  • Rev/Dr. Joseph Abah

  • Rev. Benedict Faneye, OP

  • Rev. Herve Muyo, OMI

  • Rev/Dr. Cyril Orji, OP

  • Rev. James Sandy, CSSp

  • Rev. Fortunate Ojiako, OP

  • Rev/Dr. Aniedi Okure, OP

  • Rev/Dr. Iheanyi Enwerem, OP

  • Rev/Dr. Kevin Ori

  • Rev. Denis Kiskama Lemor, CSSp

  • Rev. Valentine Ndebilie

  • Rev/Dr Vincent Odikanoro

  • Rev/Dr Cyprian Adibe

  • Rev. Aloysius N. Abaneke

  • Rev. Raphael Nwachukwu (RIP)

  • Rev. Remihius Demby, CSSp

  • Rev. Elias Nyantakanya

  • Dr. Louisa N. Obiesie

  • Sister/Dr Juliana Ada, HHCJ

  • Dr. Chris N. Egbulem

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