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Campaign to help offer hospitality to visiting missionaries

In 1990, the Amen Foundation was founded for the support of Catholic vocations and ministries, gradually reaching out to some 25 countries on five continents.

Much of that outreach has been in remote regions of sub-Saharan Africa, and with a special presence and service here in the US. This foundation is based in Washington DC.

In 2014, the Ebola outbreak was ravaging a large segment of West Africa. That crisis is still on as I write. This Foundation quickly opened its doors and our personnel became part of the alliance of partners that responded quickly to the epidemic especially in Sierra Leone. Some of our many associate missionary priests and nuns that benefitted from our past programs were able to reach out to provide assistance that made immediate sense to rural populations that were left in shock. We thank our supporters and donors who, without even knowing of our involvement in that effort, sent us their usual donations to aid our programs.

Right from the very beginning of this organization, it has been the founder�s vision to inspire a deep connection between our call to mission and service and issues of social justice. Today as we celebrate our 26th anniversary of service to Church and society, we ask you to keep our organization and our mission in your prayers and your support. We consider you as a worthy collaborator able to help translate the Gospel today into life for many. In a world so filled with violence and terror, we pledge to grow peace and practice God�s love and hospitality.

So many of the young people that this Foundation had supported to become priests, missionary nuns, and lay missioners, and who have so effectively worked for years in the missions, are themselves today needing to be assisted in various ways. Some of them are arriving here in the United States to spend months at a time for various purposes. After years of service in very challenging conditions, some come out here for medical reasons; some for sabbaticals; some for refresher courses; some for further theological, and leadership programs; and some for transitional programs into other forms of life and service. Our Foundation is often asked to step forward with programs to accommodate and offer board and temporary home for these missionaries during the months that they are in this region and country.

In response to this growing need, the Amen Foundation is now committing to help offer temporary room and board to help these missionaries complete their mission here and then return to their locations of regular service. We invite you to be part of this mission.

We welcome you and invite you to learn more about our work!

We need your financial support.

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