There are different levels of sponsorship and support through which donors may choose to participate in the mission of this Foundation. These options are indicated on our brochures and listed below (or through contact with the Foundation office in Washington, DC).

You can begin sponsoring TODAY. We usually have more candidates waiting to be sponsored than we have sponsors. Some Dioceses and Religious Communities are able to admit new candidates when they receive sponsorship funds.

The main reason for the sponsorship program is to provide financial support to the candidate who is preparing for ministry in the Church. This support is to cover in part: tuition, board, books, formation and ministry supplies, special programs, medical assistance, and sometimes emergency needs for a candidate who would otherwise not be able to continue without the sponsorship. Because most of our work is done by committed missionaries and volunteers, only a small percentage of your donation goes into administrative work.

Here is an example of how sponsorship works. Let us say that you are sponsoring a seminarian who will go through a formation program of eight years (one year of novitiate or spiritual year, and seven years of major seminary courses). You will periodically receive general information from this office on the progress of the candidates in formation during the first six years. After that time, as your candidate is ready and approved for ordination as a Deacon, you will be given his full identity, with photos and autobiographical information. You will be able to get in touch with him directly from then on. This is a proven and successful method of ensuring that every sponsor ends up with someone who finishes his/her formation and becomes a priest/sister/minister. Therefore if a candidate withdraws on his/her own or is asked to withdraw from formation, the departure does not affect the sponsor’s commitment. You can be rest assured that a candidate is there for you.

The Amen Foundation has several levels of support for your prayerful consideration. Whatever you are able to give supports men and women who make a difference in the lives of millions of people in Africa and elsewhere.

Make the biggest difference and become a full sponsor for a candidate preparing for religious life for the entire period of his or her formation. The formation period is seven years for a priest and four years for a nun. This annual full sponsorship is the platinum program. See other levels.

There is also the caring sponsor program based on a monthly donation.

The Amen Foundation pledges to keep you informed through this web site, newsletter and/or personal contacts of exactly how your donation is being used to meet the needs of our ministry candidates.


* Each Year

**Each Month

The Amen Foundation is officially incorporated and also is tax-exempt as a religious organization under IRS regulations. We are a publicly supported religious organization: 501(c)(3). Your sponsorship donations are therefore tax deductible.

You may donate online through our secure server at Paypal by clicking the DONATE NOW button below.

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Or, if you prefer, you may mail a check to the address below. Checks may be made payable to the 'Amen Foundation'.

Mail your check to:

Amen Foundation
P. O. Box 10223
Washington, DC 20018-0223

Phone: (202) 832-5168


Welcome to our family of sponsors and donors and thank you for your support!





The Amen Foundation participates in the Combined Federal Campaign . Through this program, Federal Employees in the US, including members of the US Armed Forces at home and abroad, and also US Postal Workers, can make donations to our Foundation through their pledged payroll deductions. Signing up for this program is done during the Campaign season, usually from September to December each year. All Amen Foundation friends and associates are requested to communicate this information to family and friends who are Federal workers or in the Military to support the Amen Foundation through the Campaign.


Amen Foundation CFC # 50678

In connection with the CFC, the Amen Foundation is a member of the Christian Service Charities Federation and also a member of the Neighbor to Nation (Organization.


The Amen Foundation is a Catholic, non-profit, tax-exempt organization founded in 1990. Its mission is to promote and support religious vocations and ministries. 


Amen Foundation
P. O. Box 10223
Washington, DC 20018-0223
Phone: (202) 832-5168

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