Sponsorship Programs and Outreach Efforts are working in these Countries:

> Belize*
> Benin Republic
> Cameroun
> China**
> Congo (Brazzaville)
> Congo Republic
> Ghana
> Guatemala
> Ivory Coast
> Kenya
> Liberia
> Malawi
> Netherlands**
> Nigeria
> Philippines**
> Rwanda
> Senegal
> Sierra Leone
> South Africa Republic
> Spain**
> Sudan
> Tanzania
> Togo
> Uganda
> United States

* Ongoing, developing contacts.
** Some sponsored missioners have served.

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The AMEN FOUNDATION is a Catholic non-profit tax-exempt organization founded in 1990. Its mission is to promote and support religious vocations and ministries. The Foundation fulfills its mission by supporting financially the education and formation of men and women in various ministries. This includes the training and ongoing ministerial support of priests, nuns, and lay missionaries who serve the spiritual, social, and economic needs of the people.

Much of the Foundation’s efforts have been in Africa. Religion is a life-giving force for the people of Africa. While a great number of women and men feel called to serve, the resources to help educate them for effective ministries are severely lacking. The Amen Foundation, for over 24 years, works to meet this challenge.

Over 250 priests have been ordained with Amen Foundation support. Over 400 nuns have received direct or indirect support from the Amen Foundation. Many more lay people have also received assistance. In Africa alone, AMEN supported ministers work in over 20 countries, serving many thousands of people in rural and urban areas.

The Foundation has a special ministry of hospitality and outreach to foreign missionaries both in the United States and in Africa. In Washington DC, the Foundation extends support to foreign missionaries and others, mostly Africans, who arrive in the country as visitors or immigrants. They come for continuing formation and education, sabbatical, health care, counseling, or even as refugees. The Foundation operates a similar program in Nigeria (for the sub-Saharan African region) where many dozens of foreign religious candidates arrive each year for extended formation and missionary training. This program seeks to provide temporary housing, food, clothing, travels, fellowship, health care, skills training, tuition support, social justice awareness, inculturation experience, study aides, and counseling.

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